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iPad Air, iPad mini iPad, iPhone, iPod Tripod Mount or Adapter


You want to create steady smooth landscape video and take crystal clear portrait photos with your iPhone, iPad, iPad Air or iPad mini? We have a tripod mount or tripod adapter solution for all those devices, our PED4 working series tripod mounts. These tripod mounts have a solid stainless shaft and ball socket for elevated height and smooth pivoting, roll, and turning action. Use your case or skin without any problems (no need to take it off) thanks to the flexible fingers for instantly inserting and removal. The tripod mounts all feature a ball socket friction screw adjustment, just incase the individually made in the USA products should need a little tightening in the future, but we doubt it.

4 New USA iPad Air & iPad mini Stands & Tripod Mount

The Entire Product Family, Now Complete for iPad Air

January 23, 2014

iPad Air iPad mini iPhone Stand

Today we announce the release of the iPad Air version of the full pivoting PED4 Planet stand, this now completes the full line in this great product family. Sharing the same great features, yet having larger and more substantial materials, the PED4 Planet IPA10 comes to the family today. With characteristics of the iPad mini stand, this new iPad Air stand has a thicker and wider base. A larger supported 5/16" diameter and taller 6" stainless steel ball shaft to accommodate the iPad Air. The iPad Air holder itself follows the same form and function from the PED4 Planet series, giving the user the ability to easily place a bare, cased, or skinned iPad Air into the holder. And there is ONE MORE THING… it can be easily disassembled and used as a tripod mount on your tripod!

4 New USA Made iPad Air & iPad mini Stands & Tripod Mount

PED4 Coil IPA10 - iPad Air Flexible Pivoting Stand

iPad Air Flexible Stand

Gooseneck & Pivoting
PED4 Coil IPA10

PED4 Planet IPA10 - iPad Air Pivoting Stand

iPad Air Stand

Pivoting & Tripod Mount
PED4 Planet IPA10

PED4 IPA10 - iPad Air Pivoting Tripod Mount

iPad Air Pivoting Tripod Mount


 PED4 IPM10 - iPad mini Pivoting Tripod Mount

iPad mini Pivoting Tripod Mount



Product Release - PED4 EnCloz - iPad POS Stand Enclosure

THOUGHT OUT COMPANY Announces PED4 EnCloz - iPad POS Enclosure, Mount & Stand

PED4 EnCloz iP20 - iPad POS Stand

October 1, 2013 - Thought Out Company announces today, another first in the industry with dual pivot points, the PED4 EnCloz. This POS display enclosure for the iPad is the first to include not one, but two steel ball pivot joints that allow articulating motion to find your perfect position from cashier to customer, or for extra ordinary display purposes of the iPad. While great for point of sale, the enclosure is also perfect for general display purposes like museums, trade shows, and other events.

Starting with PED4 EnCloz IP20 base model, having basic tamper resistant security and features that allow protected access to all control and ports, custom versions of the enclosure are available such as access for any credit card reader like iDynamo, Square, PayPal, etc.

For the ease of setup and installation, existing optional mounting hardware are also available that include the Bracket 90 and AdPad 300. The Bracket 90 is a 90˚ solid aluminum custom bracket, and the AdPad 300 is a 3" adhesive mount that produces well more than secure holding power.

Made in USA

Available today starting at $199.99 from http://www.thoughtout.biz/ped4-encloz-ip20-ipad-pos-stand/

News - Vesa Mount Pivoting Stand

Vesa 75mm Pivoting Stand Vesa 75mm Pivoting Stand

Our new 75mm vesa mount pivoting stand is now available. The Stabile PRO Vesa 75 is a close relative to the pivoting Stabile PRO iPad stand, sharing the same solid steel artistic and sleek base giving any vesa 75mm device a sure stabile footing. Included in the design is the 3/4" solid steel ball that provides a full 90˚on two axis along with a continuous rotation to the 75mm vesa mount plate.

For more information and options please contact us.

Product Release - PED4 Mount CH50 iPhone Mount

THOUGHT OUT COMPANY Announces PED4 Mount CH50 iPhone mount

iPhone MountiPhone MountiPhone MountiPhone 3 Lobed Mount

iPhone Custom Mount

Thought Out Company announces today, a major change to consumers expectations of what an iPhone mount should be. Using the first asymmetrical double balled stainless steel curved shaft the PED4 Mount CH50 creates a natural feel and flow with a mounted iPhone. Please see the video on the webpage showing the mount in use.

The superior quality of this product will be first noticed with the unique design, all machined parts and the vast array of mounting options. Mounting options that include but are not limited to, car, boat, wall, refrigerator, dashboard, windshield, helm, desktop, virtually any where.

Included in the basic package is the 3 lobed mount which starts the rigidity of solid mounting.

PED4 Mount CH50 available now for $49.99 from our website at: thoughtout.biz/ped4-mount-ch50-iphone-mount/

AdPad 300 iPhone Adhesive Pad MountBracket 90 iPhone 90 degree Bracket Mount

Also available today, two additional mounting options, AdPad300 and Bracket 90. The 3 lobed mount is attached to the AdPad 300, a large 3” diameter mounting base surface that generates 80 pounds of holding power. The Bracket 90 is available for those who need an extra 90 degrees of mounting with their installation. Both of these options are available now for $14.99



Made in the USA

iPad Stand Comparison White Paper Report - Stability Factor

We compared our two best steel weighted iPad stands, the Stabile 2.0, and the Stabile PRO for you to make a decision model which works best for you. 

The quality of our iPad stands is the most notable feature that is recognized in person, yet we need to convey more information to the consumer to help make this slightly larger, yet longer term investment in an iPad stand. Our iPad stands that will most likely out live any current iPad, and most likely work with the next iPad and more.  

The Stability Factor report shows how we set ourselves apart from the rest of the iPad manufacturers with the best iPad stand, wether you want a fixed iPad stand or full pivoting iPad stand. 

  Cilck to see report

Product Release - PED4 Coil IPM10 iPad mini Stand Flexible Gooseneck & Pivoting

PED4 Coil IPM10 iPad mini Flexible Stand

Press Release - Connecticut USA - Aug 6, 2013

Thought Out Company announces today an addition to the growing PED4 family series of product, the PED4 Coil IPM10  flexible stand for iPad mini.

Like no other, the very strong 5/8" diameter, 54" long steel coil far exceeds the users immediate expectation with superior strength, allowing many users to use the coil in endless places. The gripping ability of the holder allows the user to instantly place their iPad mini securely in the stand while also allowing unprecedented freedom of full roll, yaw and pitch, and this is all done with or without the users case or skin.

The steel coil design has been borrowed from its big brother the full size iPad Stabile Coil PRO, and with new PED4 ball socket technology that allows 180 degrees on all three axis of movement, the user is provided with even more freedom. The coil can be formed in any position wether it is for a desk, kitchen, hanging around the shop, or wrapped around a pole, the uses are endless.

The user is required to do a one time holder setup (but anytime re-adjustable) to their iPad mini with any case they may have now or in the future or a bare iPad mini as well. Once holder setup is complete the simple use of the holder is a living hinge design, meaning the iPad can securely and easily go in and out of the holder instantly with no tools. This feature allows the product to be used even upside down, and daily with no aggravation or consequences for using a case.

Made in the USA

Thought Out Company has this new PED4 Coil IPM10 available now for $99.99 from our website at: thoughtout.biz/ped4-coil-ipm10/

For more photos please see our webpage

News - Olloclip Lens Compatibility with iPhone Tripod Mount CH50

Thought Out Company Annouces Compatibility with Olloclip 3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens

With the great success of the iPhone PED4 product line that includes 3 different models, today we announce the compatibility with Olloclip 3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens. The Olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone with 3 lenses in one that enhances your iPhone photography. With the PED4-CH50 tripod mount the Olloclip is the ideal lens solution that works great with our pivoting tripod mount from portrait to landscape position, forward tilt, and everywhere between. The Olloclip also works with the PED4 Coil CH50 and the PED4 Planet CH50 for a complete photo taking experience.

Product Release - PED4 Coil CH50 iPhone Stand Flexible Gooseneck & Pivoting

THOUGHT OUT COMPANY Announces PED4 Coil CH50 iPhone Flexible Stand

PED4 Coil CH50 Flexible iPhone MountPED4-Coil-CH50 Flexible iPhone Stand PortraitPED4-Coil-CH50 iPhone Flexible Stand no casePED4-Coil-CH50 iPhone Flexible Stand Pitch Yaw Roll

PED4 Coil CH50 iPhone Stand Flexible Gooseneck & Pivoting

The PED4 Coil CH50 is the first fully pivoting, case adjustable, and 36" flexible iPhone stand mount. With or without a case or skin, you can configure the sliding fingers to fit your iPhone. The solid steel ball and shaft allows you to orientate the holder into any position you desire. The 36" gooseneck coil can be manipulated into just about any shape you can imagine.

More details, and photos can be found on the product page: 


Price & Availability

PED4 Coil CH50 ships now for $39.99 (includes free shipping)

Available now from thoughtout.biz

Product Release - PED4 CH50 iPhone tripod mount

THOUGHT OUT COMPANY Announces PED4 CH50 iPhone tripod mount compatible with large cases

PED4 CH50 iPhone Tripod MountPED4 CH50 iPhone Tripod MountPED4 CH50 Tripod MountPED4 CH50 iPhone Tripod Mount

PED4 CH50 iPhone Tripod Mount

The PED4 CH50 is the first fully pivoting and adjustable iPhone tripod mount to be used with any tripod or tripod shoe. The mount also easily and efficiently works with any case and large protective cases, like the OtterBox Defender. With or without a case or skin (bare iPhone) you can configure the sliding fingers of the mount to fit your iPhone. The solid steel ball and shaft allows you to orientate the holder into any position you desire. Great for portrait or landscape photography and videography.

More details, photos, and a video can be found on the product page: 


Price & Availability

PED4 CH50 ships now for $34.99 (includes free shipping)

Available now from thoughtout.biz


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