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iPhone SE Flexible Stand - PED4 Coil CH50

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$59.35   Made in USA
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Please see iPhone Stand & Tripod Mount PED4-COIL-CH
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Please see iPhone Flexible Stand PED4-COIL-CH

iPhone SE Flexible Stand

Gooseneck & Pivoting Holder

PED4 Coil CH50

The iPhone SE flexible stand, PED4 Coil CH50 is a pivoting, case adjustable, 36" long holder mount. With or without a case or skin, you can configure the sliding fingers to fit your iPhone SE. The solid stainless steel ball allows you to orientate the holder into any position you desire. The 36" gooseneck coil can be manipulated into just about any shape you can imagine.

iPhone Flexible Gooseneck Holder

Wrap it up

Any way you want, it will do it

The 3 foot soft flexible coil is slender yet exclusively designed* for secure form-able positioning. With small coiling abilities, it is compact enough for travel and is a great solution for those long flights, and yes it does nicely wrap around the back of your neck for hands free entertainment.

iPhone Flexible Gooseneck Pivoting


Roll, spin, turn, rotate, pitch, yaw....

Whatever you call it, the PED4 Coil CH50 flexible mount stand can be positioned to it. Using the solid 9/16" diameter steel ball and socket technology you will feel the smooth pivoting freedom to any position you desire. (Friction screw adjustable)

iPhone holder easy in and out

Case or Bare

Engineered to be used daily

The PED4 Coil CH50 flexible gooseneck iPhone SE stand mount has user configurable fingers that creates a snap like fit to hold the iPhone. These fingers allow the holder to be used with or without a case efficiently, while securely holding the iPhone SE as your hand would. Once the holder is configured to your desired fit, there are no special procedures needed, the iPhone SE installation and removal is instantaneous. All of the controls, ports and camera are fully accessible at all times.
12 inch tall iPhone Stand

Size Does Matter

Easily create a greater than 12" stand and travel too

The 36 inch coil can be creatively shaped to endless uses while giving you the ability to condense it down for easy travel. Pack it for a trip and instantly display your iPhone 5 in seconds.

Works with Olloclip

3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens


The premium quality, case adjustability and portability of this flexible gooseneck iPhone 5 stand mount will set your hands free. 

Proudly made in Connecticut, USA from solid steel, twisted steel core, alloy, polymer and heat resistant polymer materials.


  • 3 slide adjusting Alloy Fingers (with soft vinyl covers to protect iPhone)
  • 2 slide adjusting Guides (keeps iPhone straight in holder)
  • 9/16" solid steel ball for fluid pivoting action (Friction screw adjustable)
    • Roll: ∞ infinite (when device is parallel to support shaft there is an index for the rotation of portrait and landscape)
    • Yaw: ∞ infinite (left to right)
    • Pitch: >180˚ (front to back)
  • 36" x 5/16" diameter vinyl wrapped flexible gooseneck coil
  • Artistic shape and design
  • Portable
  • Full control, port and camera access
  • Color:  Black


  • iPhone SE with or without a case, skin, bumper or protective cover
  • iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 with or without a case, skin, bumper or protective cover
  • iPod touch 6g, 5g with or without a case, skin, bumper or protective cover
  • Works with large cases like OtterBox Defender, Commuter, and many more - see dimensions below
  • iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G and Original, iPod touch 4g, 3g, 2g and 1g  *if in a case that is within the dimensions below
    • Width: From 2.15" to 2.75"
    • Height: From 4.65" to 5.3"
    • Depth: Slide finger is .6" tall (The depth of your case can be deeper than this dimension)
  • Any belt clip should be removed to work with holder.
  • PED4 series and PED3 series products are not interchangeable with one another.


  • Devil Head - Headphone Wrap and Wrench or simply use your own 11/16" open ended or adjustable wrench.
Devil Head - Headphone Wrap and Wrench


  • Click here to download (Coming soon)


iLounge "We’ve tested goosenecks that didn’t have the proper level of tension to hold the weight of the device they’re designed to cradle, but thankfully, Thought Out got it right"...

iPhone, case, lens, coat, & coat tree not included

PED4™ is a trademark of Thought Out Company


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  1. Works just like the picture 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Feb 2015

    Well made (USA - great!). Just follow the instructions when setting up, so you don't over tighten anything. Very handy and works well, much better than any Chinese made "gorilla " products. I only had trouble getting to the reviews section and submitting my own, but it's a minor gripe. Great product for the price:)

  2. Flexible - Structurally & Functionally 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Sep 2014

    This is a versatile product than can be used anywhere. It does require some light mechanical skills to adjust the prongs using the provided hex wrench. It has been used to dock my iPhone in the car.
    After a few days of initial use, the prongs no longer gripped the phone and it became loose. Attempts to adjust the prongs to a snug fit failed. I ended up drilling a hole in the top prong and placed a nut and bolt to tighten the grip. This worked fine for a time, but then I left the stand in my car unused for a few weeks. When I went to use the stand, the phone flopped in the mount, as if the prongs had stretched their shape. It then dawned on me that that the high heat in the car had a physical effect on the plastic prong material.
    As you can imagine, I was unhappy with the product performance, considering its cost. I then contacted customer support, and they confirmed that the plastic was heat sensitive. Importantly, they sent me a new set of prongs made with heat-resistant plastic. I'm happy to report that the new prongs work admirably! Thought Out is to be commended as a company that strives to continually improve their products.

  3. Works perfectly 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Jul 2014

    Since I run a large monitor (without a built-in camera) off my MacBook Pro, I got tired of looking at the laptop to my left when I was on Skype and FaceTime calls. I thought of mounting a webcam to the monitor, but then figured my iPhone would work perfectly for this purpose. I needed a way to hold the phone just above the top of the monitor, and this stand works perfectly. As an added bonus I can use this in other situations, so rather than having a single-use webcam permanently mounted at my desk, I can take the phone and stand outside and sit on the patio during conference calls. Not a bad deal at all!

  4. perfect for my needs 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Aug 2013

    I wanted something that could hold my phone up while on a plane to watch TV on. This product not only does that but I have it on my desk at work so my phone is readliy available to me. It's sturdy and well made. I'd say Thought Out is the perfect name for this company!! Thank you!


PED4 Alloy Finger Explanation & Proper Use (01:47)
How to properly use the PED4 Alloy Finger http://www.thoughtout.biz/ped4-alloy-finger-kit-tool/
  • PED4 Alloy Finger Explanation & Proper Use
    How to properly use the PED4 Alloy Finger http://www.thoughto...


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