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  • PED3-Auto-PH for bare iPhone
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PED3 Auto

$39.99   Made in USA
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0.81 LBS
This product has been replaced by PED4-MOUNT-CH50
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This product has been replaced with our new PED4-Mount-CH50 

iPhone Mount


This product has been replaced with our new PED4-Mount-CH50 

PED3-Auto Universal Mounting Steel Rotating Stand - Car Mount

iPhone, iPod touch - Case, Skin or Bumper-ed


PED3-Auto Universal Mounting Steel Rotating Stand

The rotating PED3-Auto car mount holder includes all of our best features and a few more, a truly versatile installation for iPhone and iPod touch that lets you decide.

Great for turn by turn GPS

With the PED3-Auto car mount holder we do not believe that it is just for the car. The AdPad-VHB, our foremost recommended installation method, is a double sided adhesive pad having extreme bonding characteristics on many materials as well as the slick surface plastics found with most car panels. With the included mounting options you will have endless locations that will let you decide where to install.


  • All USA made solid steel and molded construction
  • Rotate infinitely 360 degrees
  • 5" by 5/16" diameter flexible neck for many positions
  • Gripping protective vinyl fingers allow full use of ports/controls
  • Baked on hard coating
  • Base mount with concealed fasteners and 0°, 45°, or 90° mounting for a clean look. Base dimensions are 2.8" diameter, 2.3" across the flats
    • AdPad-VHB (included)
    • Screw mount
    • Suction cup mount (4) (included)
  • Three holder options:
    • iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G, Original (PH)
    • iPod Touch 4g, 3g, 2g, 1g (IT)
    • Case, skin or bumper-ed iPhone or iPod touch (FORM)



We have three holders for you to select from, a bare iPhone, a bare iPod touch, or the FORM holder for any case, skin, or bumper-ed iPhone or iPod touch.


The type of fit your holder has is up to you, some people like a tight secure fit and some people like a loose-drop in fit. Your initial use and setup with any holder you select may require a little adjusting to match your desired fit. If you select the larger FORM holder for instance, much more setup adjustment is allowed with it's design. The FORM holder design accommodates all cases, skins and bumpers including the Otterbox Defender, and Mophie Juice Pack Air case. 


All of these holders are interchangeable with one another and can be used with our other PED3 and NAJA-King products. These holders are also available separately for you to make up any combination you would like.


iPhone or iPod touch - FORM holder
(Only works with a case, skin or bumper)*



iPhone holder-bare
(Only works WITHOUT a case, skin or bumper)



iPod touch holder-bare
(Only works WITHOUT a case, skin or bumper)




Your holder will need to be setup for your custom fit.  The holder is made of a high grade steel and protective finish that can tolerate the forming it takes to make your custom fit.


By hand you simply form the holder fingers for a loose or tighter fit as shown in the picture.  You may need to do this a few times to achieve your personal fit.



AdPad -VHB ™ is an aggressive double sided adhesive pad developed to obtain quick and easy installations onto many materials, including todays low energy surfaces like the slick surfaces (polypropylene, polyethylene, silicone and teflon based, etc) found in car panels and dashboards. 

AdPad-VHB continues to work on traditional materials like glass, metal, wood, painted surfaces etc.





Extension for PED3-Auto


PED3-Auto Base Mount


Download full instruction sheet

*Not recommended for a bare iPhone or iPod touch


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  1. Best iPhone Holder There Is 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Apr 2013

    I researched every iPhone holder on the market and the PED3 is the best. I wanted a holder to permanently attach to the front face of my console box so I could use the phones controls, ie: answer or place call, volume up or down, Pandora features, etc with my finger tips and without even moving my arm off the console or looking at the phone. Also the cradle easily accepts the phone and you can rotate or turn it easily in any direction, example: horizontal so volume controls are at you finger tips, turn phone speaker up when on speaker phone. The stem is flexible yet very stable in any position.

  2. Love the PED3, but.. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jul 2012

    I purchased a PED3 years ago for a previous car. I tried to use the adhesive pad to attach it to the car and it worked fine for a while. But after spending days in a hot car, the adhesive loosened and the PED3 came down. With east coast summer storms, the windows must stay up. I got another adhesive pad and got some industrial strength glue from home depot and glued the Adhesive pad to the car and it's held firm for years.

    I just got a PED3 for my wife's car but didn't want to do the glue option. I ended up spending $5 at home depot to get a 1/4" bolt (which threads perfectly into the PED3), some nuts, lock washers, and a clear rubber door stop. This assembly works the opposite of a clamp which grips two things together; it pushes against two things more like a car jack does. I put it in the coin holder in the center console, which is forward of the gear shift, and literally screwed the doorstop (vertically) out far enough to lock the PED3 into place in the coin holder. I then screwed in the neck into side hole in the base. No glue, no holes, no fuss. I can remove it quickly with a wrench. It also passed the "it doesn't look stupid" test from my wife.

    Other than the mounting items I mentioned, the product is rock solid and does exactly what I need it to. Other products just pale in comparison.

    Thank you for the nice review. In some installation applications* you may experience different results beyond our control with the numerous materials available today for your specific installation. Most consumers have successful installations with the AdPad.

    *Any combination of surface materials and/or environments may create varying results however; most consumers have successful installations with the AdPad or result to other installation methods.


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